Advantages of using a BNI ATM card: GTEKNO

How to make BNI BAT and its different conditions

It is very easy to make a BNI ATM . BNI is a state-owned bank that you may be familiar with. The BNI network is becoming more extensive every year, even now it is present in subdivisions and cities in Indonesia. In some other countries, BNI already has representative offices.

Founded since 1946, BNI has a relatively large number of clients, not only from adults, but also from students. Kalan’s students also have the grace to not have a savings account with BNI Bank.

Every time we open a bank account, we receive a passbook, followed by the ATM card used for means of payment. In fact, ATM or debit cards are very important banking facilities in the future.

Types of BNI Bank ATM cards

Before you find out how to make a BNI ATM, you must first know the type of BNI ATM. As we know, BNI issues so many ATM cards to meet the needs of its customers that each type of debit card has a different cost and device, here are some types:

  1. BNI Cash damage. This type of BNI discharge has a gray color, in the front you can find chips and batik patterns. If you want to get this debit card, you only need to make your first deposit of a 500-mile IDR.
  2. BNI Gold Prejudice. If you want a debit card with this type of gold, you need to open a Taplus Bisnis account. The monthly administration fee is R[7500], with a cash withdrawal limit of RP15 million per day and a payment limit of IDR 50 million per day.
  3. BCI Platinum damage. Typically, this BNI Platinum debit belongs to businessmen, its monthly costs are quite large, but the limit is also large, for the daily cash withdrawal limit it is only IDR 15 million, and the transfer limit for BNI IDR of 100 million reaches how to make BNI Platinum ATMs the same as others.
  4. Green NPG begins. The green GPN debit card can only be used for domestic transactions, the advantage of this debit card is that the administration fee is very mild, the monthly administration fee is only 4 miles RP.
  5. GPN Orange discharge. Orange GPN has a spending limit of IDR 10 million per day, idr transfer limit is 50 million per day, and cash withdrawal limit is IDR 5 million per day. The monthly administration fee is only a 4-mile IDR. In addition to the above types, there are many other types.

How to Make BNI BAT Offline

If you want to open a BNI ATM account, you can find yourself at the nearest BNI branch. An ATM card cannot be presented, so you will need to attach different types of documents as personal identification, such as a driver’s license or identity card, followed by NPWP and KK.

In addition to  various macam , the above documents, later the signature is required from the bank on the ATM card and in the passbook. To open an account, visit support and explain that you want to open a BNI account. A subsequent CS provides for the choice of types of savings.

All you need to do is adjust the savings type according to your current needs, for example, if you are still a beginner and just need an ATM to save, you can choose tabunganKu’s BNI product. However, if you are still a student, you can opt for BNI Simple.

If you have decided on the savings type, you need to fill out the form of opening a savings account. Fill out the correct opening of the account and with personal data, starting with the name, date of birth, address, occupation, income and more. Avoid doodling gaps in personal information. How to set up a BNI ATM after all you have to do is make the initial deposit.

The initial deposit to open an account varies, depending on the type of savings option you want to open. This initial deposit is paid by telling the bank, so not through customer service. After the initial deposit is successfully made, you can get an ATM and a passbook.


An ATM for BNI can also be created online. If you decide to open an account online, you do not need to come to the branch office. This service allows you to buy accounts anywhere and only anywhere and only.   It only takes no more than 15 minutes to get into BNI online.

However, it should be remembered that if you need to prepare your identity for opening, instead of having to make sure that the mobile phone you are using is connected to the Internet network, so that subsequent account opening can be easily done. Once all the files are ready, you can open the BNI mobile banking app.

  1. Install the BNI bank mobile banking application, download the application from the App Store or Google Store, make sure that the phone is always connected to the Internet network during the application download process . The app can’t download perfectly when the internet is disconnected.
  2. When the download is complete, laterthe application will be installed along with the automation, you can open the BNI mobile banking application and select a program. You can read the terms and conditions, if you have read it, click I Accept to continue the opening process.
  3. Choose the type of savings that suits your needs, you can fill in the personal data page by identity, such as NIK KTP, by date of birth, thenenter the OTP sent via SMS and fill in both your personal and company information.
  4. If you fill in your personal data, the next way to create a BNI ATM is to upload a selfie photo along with your ID, a photo of your ID card, as well as a signature. Click Take a photo of your ID. Later, the mobile screen will automatically activate the camera. And filling up a selfie with an ID card.
  5. Click on the mobile banking list, after you have finished uploading data, you just need to create a user ID to access the service, click on the conditions and click forward. Later, you will get a reference code and choose the video bank. After that, you will make a video call with the CS.

Advantages of using a BNI ATM card

Having known how to make a BNI ATM, the next thing you need to know is the advantages of using an ATM card from a BNI bank. The debit card of the BNI bank makes it easier for us to carry out transactions without entering cash .

With non-cash payments, monthly finances become more noticeable, you can see what needs you spend on a full month. In addition, BNI also has many attractive promotions, so you can get point advantages for discounted benefits when paying with debit cards.

Before opening a BNI account, it is better to know in advance what you need now. Do not let this be just because you want to continue the prestige of a classic card, but choose Platinum prejudices when you still do not need it, so before you practice how to make a BNI ATM, first know your needs.

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