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6 List of West Java airports with no commerce and commerce

Airports in  West Java still  have fractions number six so far.The largest percentage of airports on Java There are only 23 airports on Java, including the capital of the beloved country, do you already know the work of the mountain?

The airport stands for the airport, which is actually an airline support for aircraft and helicopters, as a place to fly and fly to land. There is no doubt that every large yard is supported by a state, but this airport must have support facilities such as operators, terminals and aircraft handlers.

So anywhere you have  a runway with a helipad, you don’t join  the airport yet, so there  are actually a lot of runways and helipads But it’s not yet in the airport category. For those of you who want to know the list   of  West Java airports  , here’s  a full review.

Qatarjit International Airport

To be one of the international ticket-packed airports,   Qatarjit is located in Magelanka Regency, West Java. Not far away: an estimated 68 kilometers or 4 hours of journeys, no doubt choosing many local and mutual passengers.

After Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Soekarno-Hatta was even named the largest airport in Indonesia, and then May 24, 2018. On the day, the first operation went down, and jokowi’s presidential plane landed there at the time, a proud achievement for the government of West Java.

Lua typicallyreaches up to 3 hectares of runway, approximately 3,000 square meters. It is easy to accommodate the Boeing 777; indeed, it is an international standard that  West Java airports must adhere to if they want to serve the title of  international operations.

Before the epidemic, the capacity of passengers was approximately 30 million passengers annually, but now during the epidemic.  In fact, the slow economy is still affecting people’s aviation interests, both locally and locally.

Airports in West Java Kakrabuwana

Located in Siribon, the site is more located for the territory instead of the city, unlike Cartagena, which has a 30-square-meter runway areaKakrabuWarner has an area of no more than 4,000 square meters, because the airplanes are for some circles.

For the flight training of visiting officers, but it is likely to be developed as a business in the future. There will be local aircraft, mostly for small planes for surgery, because the largest aircraft is on the C-212.

Still, it is enough for the surface of the runway, and how is it impossible because there is a good quality tar? A Class III airport specially administered by the Director-General is still waiting for time until full economic development is complete.

Wiriadinata Airport in West Java

Wiriadinata at the airport in  West Java  , in fact, is an air-washing base. Colonel Basia Sura Tessimala Anna, located on Jln. The airport is a mountainous region, and the height of the city’s base surface has reached 350 lands, significantly, and languid wirelessity is now used as a domestic airline.

The name London is taken from the air force hero. It has been a long history since 1946, before the establishment of Indonesia.

This airport is called ciburium   ,  located at CB Urium, 1946-1955. In 2001, it belonged to KNIL, eventually transferred, and was legally owned by the Indonesian government, and then changed its name to Ceburium in 2001.

Hussein Sastranega International Airport

The BandaR airline islocated in the village of Hussein Stranigara, Bandung Province, Cicindo, where it is undoubtedly in the center of Bandung. Based on AURI military pilots who died during training during the colonial era, Hussein Sastranigara, who died while serving in Yogyakarta.

It is exactly the same as other Japanese state strategies, such as the BPUKI, the PKI, and the Empire japanese airline and ground-based in Yogyakarta. Therefore, it is understandable that the indirect Hussein Sastranigara fought to liberate Indonesia, so it is appropriate to take the name.

Currently,  this West Java airport has all 10 major local and non-regional airlines   . So for you  who want to pass through Hussein Sastranigara airport Which airline to choose? There are Garuda Indonesia, Citi Links, CT Links, Lay Asia, Malindo, Namley, Singapore Airlines and others.

Attract Sanjaya Airport

It is one of the based N.War airports  in the  Category A category; this airport is sure to be of national importance. It can be said that he is the brother of Iwahiudi, surely from the hero of the Air Force for taking the name, of course, from the hero of the air force called Colonel Etan Sanjay.

The Acton Sinjara location is in  Kiman, Bogo Regency,  West Java. It’s like Squadrons’ 4th wing, and there’s also engineer Squadron 024 and other units.

Education Squadron 501, Dquadron Squadron Squadron 503, Education Squadron Squadron Squadron 503 and Air  Force  Campaign Atom Sanjay.  Because  there are many control centers, it has only airlift operations for the military, but it is likely to be used as a commercial unit other than military purposes.

With the creation of a new commercial airport, it can certainly support the economic passion of the Bogo Territory government. In addition, transportation has become more capable of making important visitors feel comfortable, which remains to be waited only until the airport conversion project is completed.

Sejulan Nusawiru Airport

Unlike other West Java airports, it is a small type of airport for small aircraft, whose location is the popular world of West Java, called the Green Canyon As one of the largest airports in  Pangandaran, the territory government should be sensitive.

So far, the airline there is Susi Air, no stranger to the name?  This airline used to be the former Minister of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia. Zi Pujastuti is the owner of the individual owner of Suzi Air; traveling from Nusawaru to Jakarat (Halim Padnakuma and Cilakuku.)

But if you see the beauty of tourism, the Government of Regency should know it well: maximizing tourism is not only in the tourism sector but also in transportation, making it easier for travelers to visit.

How do you understand some airports in West Java this time, and according to the airport’s basic understanding, only six have been included so far.  If you’re in West Java, try to use any of it.  All  airports in West Java are really suitable for visits.

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