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What is the Job of a Testimonial of Service? Note this

Whether it’s the job of a work certificate or if it can be called a paklaring paper may be something that can often be asked by an employee who has just worked. Typically, this paklaring letter is used by employees who resign and require a statement or reference from the PT.

This letter is biased against n hammocks issued bythe HRD department, and is proof that the employee has been a member of the relevant PT for a certain period of time. The letter, also includes the last resort and duration of the person concerned to work.

In addition, the letter usually also includes general employee data as well as information about their performance and behavior briefly during the time they were in part of the previous PT and pt that issued the letter. This letter also uses its official proof if the employee is employed by the PT.

This letter is not only limited to applying for a job, it is also used for other things. In fact, this letter is also used by immigrants who will officially operate the relevant agencies with the official documents. It also contains a variety of information related to the paklaring documents, including that the work that a testimonial of service is doing.

Contents of the Paklaring Letter that should exist

In fact, this paklaring letter contains a range of information including whether he works as an employee and the PT she cares about. In addition, you also perform work that the company does in accordance with the company’s demands. This article also contains the relationship between you and the company.

In some letters, the company also describes the behavior of employees in the performance of their work, the reasons for the end of the pt-employee’s working relationship, and thanking the employees for their contributions while working at the company.

The paklaring syllable is in fact different from the strike letter. If it is a lash letter, this letter is a letter that the company must pay when laying off employees, but the paklaring letter the company does not always pay. Typically, if an employee submits an application, they are given this letter, let alone that they have contributed to the development of the PT.

Of course the work of a work certificate is very important, so, if you are not currently working in the PT, make sure to apply for a work certificate. In addition to that, make sure the letter information is consistent according to actual events, because it is important to apply the work to another PT.

In fact, as long as the letter has a company header, has a valid signature and a stamp of an LLC, the letter can already be used for various purposes. But you still have to re-examine whether the information in place is really appropriate.

How to get a Paklaring Certificate

Before being taught it is  the job of a testimonial of employment, new employees are still confused about how to get a testimonial of service. It is very easy to get a testimonial of service, you can ask for a letter from the relevant department of employment, and when you ask for a letter, it is usually done directly to the company secretary.

When you order this letter, you don’t have to be afraid or hesitant, becausethe person who gave this letter is already your right as an employee. Furthermore, there are not a few universities in place for rules for distributing walksheets to employees when they stop working for the PT.

However, usually the form of paklaring letters between companies and the other one is somewhat different. For example, a letter to a banking company, may be a little different from the paklaring letter from the creative industry.

Although demikian,  the work of a work certificate is the same? Of course it’s the same, so the letter you have can be repurposed in a way that handles different documents or critical needs. The need isn’t just about applying for a new job.

Functions Of Paklaring Letters Turns Out to Be Too Much

Most employees think that if a letter of any envelope is needed solely to claim a job from a new PT, with this letter satisfying a new PT and writing us to be an employee it can actually be meaningful. However, the letters of passports are not the only thing. Here’s what it does:

  1. Looking for a new job. Finding a new job has become hugely functional. A degree is useful, providing the professional records you have. Don’t make a mistake, and any success you’ve had in the Pt you’ve worked on before can help you figure out how far you’ve achieved in your career.


The letter paklaring is an important note that can be seen in the advancement of the profession. So that in writing the person’s mentioned text in which you are demanding a job to be done the work is not only written about your experience, but there is also real evidence.

  1. Requirements when you want to get out of work paying for BPJS. When you want to withdraw the fees or pay the BPJS Work fee, you must provide the file with the paklaring note. BpJS Ketenagakerjaan usually asks for a paklaring letter that the company has legitiised.

The collected file is a photocopyof it, in which case it is not an original letter. If you included the letter, then you can pay fees of about 10 to 30 percent of bpJS Ketenagakerjaan payments, even though you still work in the PT as an employee.  Is the job of a recruitment certificate enough to get you in here? Maya.

  1. Money to borrow from the bank. If you want to borrow money or money from a bank, you will also need this certificate. The letter is being used as a prerequisite for bank approval. For some loans you should need information, if you are part of the company, where you work in a strategic position.

Later the bank is considering whether you can actually repay the loan by working in that space. The bank usually asks you to complete this letter, which is a requirement for the person wishing to apply for a loan. Borrowing funds not only, but can also be loans for cars or motorcycles.  whether or not the work of this work certificate really matters.

  1. Apply for a scholarship. Scholarships from the pathways to the profession require a proper paklaring letter and are legislated by the company. This letter is really a requirement that must be met if you are applying for a scholarship by going down a career path. These scholarships are usually awarded by the government or the private sector.

availability of a Paklaring Letter in the Cases

When it is discovered it is the work of a testimonial of service that it is, and what should also not be forgotten, is the criteria for making this letter. Prior to the award of this certificate, there are a few criteria that the employee must meet, sy a rat a this is what the menjareference to that the company is able to provide.

  1. He was well crowned. Employees who are resigning can receive that Certificate, which must be completely resigned. As already stated, this certification serves as advice or reference from the former company. So, if you don’t rightly leave office of course you can’t ask for advice.
  2. Work for at least 1 year. Working for at least one year is also a prerequisite for collecting a paklaring paper. If you do not work for 1 year, the employee is considered an immature of his or her execution. Not only is it, this degree is also closely related to the ethics of doing work.

Of course, if you look at the functions of this paper of course, this type of paper has the potential to provide a variety of suitable types of work for the employee when deciding to leave and find another job, that this document can even help the employees that they have got their rights, hence recognizing whether the work certificate of employment is better  or not.

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