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Nissan service center, for the child car for Pepsi

In Indonesia itself, there have been many Nissan service centers throughout the    local company since 60 years into Indonesia.  The  newcomer to Indonesia is Datsun Motors. At the beginning, his home Japanese company was called Aoi Shinsha

Since  its establishment in 1911, it has been renamed 1934 for Nissan. Believed by Nissan loyal users, one of the Indonesian Nicenesia has existed since  Indonesia, and so has good service

Its company  reluctantly makes loyal users in Nissan service centers for the convenience of this can car market Nissan from here, as far as so Nissan Yudu Datsun brand. Datsun old focus truck molding

Today, however, there is a Datsun for passenger cars. Nissan already has a market in its country.  For the top, user customers, suitable products.

Nissan Service Center Service Number

Simplified Service Center Try to provide for the community If you want to be 14023  24 Small Service Center. Is the number for Nissan Care Online Aid, abbreviated as Nicole

PE e affairs  NICOLE 24H  Wish for the required PE or information other than the number on the number, can be e-mail this contact so it has to be done too

  1. All information, from the price to the price there is a sales service promotion
  2. Letter and dealer contact information
  3. Appointment of the service
  4.   Dealer-related lawsuit /, highest k-production
  5. Approve ERA24 migration

This can NICOLE 24H contact winner also. For this, so that customers are comfortable and trustworthy goods. If there is a lawsuit but want to know  the product specifications

Nissan service center, reservation service

If you have these numbers, you can call 14023 on NICOLE, which has been transmitted. The meaning of this contract refers to the  date of service given to the dealer in the near  future

This is the  customer, and the type of service we also   benefit from this first,  if you order it, it is not listed

Second, the most important thing is the most important thing for the car, and the technicians will be directly dealt with.   Already equipment parts are also yes, becoming faster and faster, sub-can be repeated

If you want to make an appointment, you must prepare the number  of cars in advance, such as police number, car and gearbox Because   the telephone is a dealer Nissan Service Center Know dealer contact information, first 14023

If you want to engage, please do it for 1 week and the type of service is   15 minutes more than the first time   The Ministry of Service  is assigned to the Nissan Service Consultant.

If so,  you can rest assured that the dealer for the customer’s design and  subsequent car has been put into use, and can be attributed to this Nissan service center appointment also

Move service to Dali Nissan Service Center

The next service transfer, or can be described as a visit  to the service, is very suitable for those who do not have time to visit the workshop of the dealer  You can order  it with the number 14023, you can  use  the dealer contact information

Non-distributors throughout Indonesia for Nissan service centers are also in the  big line, but only if you contact the  distributor can enjoy the first  order , please make sure to prioritize the following

  1. The car is not located in the 40,000 km repair room, and special equipment is also available
  2. Only it is advisable to use a number of cars,  you can save  to  get the car watch because of the official Nissan website
  3. Only available somewhere and at dealers, all information can be obtained on Nissan’s official website.
  4. For two cars side by side, go about 1 meter
  5. Wherever the land is governed, it must be flat, flat, and firm, and the jack bracket at the back must be solidified
  6. Not on the road
  7. If you will be going to visit the office apartment, please try the manager

In this way,  ordering this is nothing more than the whole Indonesian Nissan brand user comfort  Although there  is no even distribution of hundreds of services, the service center is trying its best

ERA24 at the Nissan Service Center

ERA24 Rush Side Support 24 Less is to get, must first for members often in ERA24, this Nissan after production, and only cover its domain below with  ERA24 stakeholders also.

  1. On tire puncture, low battery,  burnout,  lock on road keys, emergency service free   Also
  2. Free service trailer
  3. Free for Nissan ERA24 members 3 years old, riding in a new Nissan car, can be used in several cities ERA24
  4. If you want  to be widely used as a Nissan ERA24 employee, you can have a  management fee of  300,000 because the customer relations officer is close to Delaer  Copy,  copy of KTP, copy of STNK, photo verification  of member sticker
  5. The membership is valid for up to 2 years and is new

The  importance of   Nissan’s customers  , Nissan comfort,  and the customer’s key have  increased customers all over Indonesia Nissan Service Center letters



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