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BJB bank code and how to make an interbank transfer

You will need the BJB bank code when you are going to make a transfer from another bank to bJB bank. The need for remittances has become a need for residents of Indonesia in everyday life. People usually carry out transfer activities in order to buy and sell online.

Nowadays, in order to meet their needs, people often shop online. Whether it’s shopping for basic necessities, clothes, electronic devices, and more. It’s not uncommon for you to make a payment, you need to make a transfer between banks, because the account that is the destination is different from the account you have.

For this, you need to know the existing bank codes so that you can make interbank transfers. These bank codes have become the contract for all banking services in Indonesia. Without the use of a bank code, interbank transfers cannot be made. Because when making an interbank transfer without using the code of the target bank, it will definitely be rejected by the machine.

There are so many bank codes in Indonesia, so it seems impossible if you have to remember them all. But it would be nice if you remembered the bank codes that arewidely asked by most Indonesians. For example , BJB bank code, BNI bank code, BRI bank code, BCA bank code, and mandiri bank code.

The above banks are banks that have a lot of customers in Indonesia. So chances are you’ll make a transfer to one of these banks. This will be very useful if you remember the bank codes that are commonly used. This will mean that you will not have to check the list of bank codes when making a transfer.

What is a BJB bank code?

The BJB bank code is a unique code belonging to the BJB bank. The unique code has become kesepakatan along with other banks in Indonesia. Bank codes usually consist of three digits. The bank code must be entered before the destination account number when making interbank transfers.

After making an interbank transfer, you will be charged an additional fee. The fees charged vary depending on the bank you are using. For the transfer to be successful, you need to make sure that the balance is sufficient if it has been added up to the transfer fee that must be paid. Usually, there is also a minimum amount of money transferred.

For example, the cost of transferring BJB banks to other banks is IDR 6,500. Then banks also apply the maximum limit of daily transfers. The amount itself varies, some have 10,000,000 IDRs and some have 15,000,000 IDRs. When you makea money intoa fer by your bank, usually the money will be sent very quickly.

Types of money transfers via banking

If you are a customer of one of the banks in Indonesia, you need to know the types of bank transfers in Indonesia. There are three types of transfers, namely the National BI Clearing System (SKNBI), Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and online transfers.  Currently, most Indonesians only know the type of online transfer.

SkNBI services can be used directly to the nearest branch. By using this billing system, you will receivea cheapertransfer fee of IDR 5000. But the funds will take 4 hours to reach the target account. In one day, you can send funds using the billing system five times.

In the case of the X-RAY method, it is used for transfers in very large quantities. The minimum amount of RTGS transfers reaches 100,000,000 Rp every time you make a transaction.  This system  is quite rarely used by individuals, usually converted by bank C to bank D. But in fact, it can also be used by individuals, as long as the minimum transfer limit is met.

In addition, namely online transfers, this type of online transfer is most often used by society. This type of transfer can be done via an ATM or smartphone. These online transfer fees vary, usually from Rp6,500 to Rp7,500 per transaction.

Bank code of BJB and several other banks in Indonesia

WIndonezji jest wiele banków, więc istnieje również wiele kodów bankowych, które istnieją. Oto niektóre z nich, kody Bank BJB 110, Bank BJB Syariah 425, bank BCA 014, bank Mandiri 008, bank BNI 009, bank BNI Syariah 427, bank BRI 002, bank Syariah Mandiri 451, bank CIMB Niaga 022, bank CIMB Niaga Syariah 022, b ank Muamalat 147 i bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional (BTPN) 213.

Oprócz tych już wymienionych powyżej, istnieje jeszcze kilka, a mianowicie kod banku JENIUS 213, bank BRI Syariah 422, bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) 200, Permata Bank 013, bank Danamon 011, bank BII Maybank 016, bank Mega 426, bank Sinarmas 153, b ank Commonwealth 950 , bank OCBC NISP 028, bank Bukopin 441, bank BCA Syariah 536, bank Lippo 026, Citibank 031 i Indosat Dompetku 789.

In fact, there are still a lot of bank codes in Indonesia because each bank has its own code. These codes are used when you intend to make a transfer between banks. To see the full list of bank codes in Indonesia, you can use an ATM.

How to make an interbank transfer via an ATM

Let’s say you’re going to do a transfer with your BJB bank target account.  The first step is to visit the nearest ATM where you are located.  Next, make sure that the ATM balance is sufficient to make the transfer.  Then follow these steps to make a transfer between k tires to BJB bank:

  1. Insert the ATM card into the ATM.
  2. Then enter the PIN code of the ATM card
  3. If successful, select a transfer and then choose an online interbank.
  4. Enter the BJB bank code and the target account number. Let’s say the account number 098765432 and the code is 110. So what you put in is 1100987654321.
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer. Make sure that the nominal value you entered is correct. Because the money that has been transferred cannot be withdrawn. Then select true.
  6. The monitor screen will display randncian information about the receiver. Make sure the recipient’s name and account number are correct. If you just clicked correctly.
  7. If there is no error or error, the screen will ask you to write that the transaction was successful. The ATM will then issue a transfer receipt. If you have a bag, it means that you have successfully made a transfer.
  8. If necessary, do not forget to keep the proof of receipt of the transfer.

Currently, you have to be very careful when making transfers via ATMs. Because there are so many ways to commit crimes. Never give anyone the PIN code for an ATM, as this is very dangerous. When entering an ATM pin in an ATM, it should also not be seen by those around you.

When making an interbank transfer, there are a few things to consider. The first is the transfer fee. The cost of interbank transfers differs in amount. Then the second is the code of the target bank. It would be nice if you prepared in advance before entering the ATM outlet. For example, when making interbank shipments for BJB, as in the example above, prepare the BJB bank code in advance.

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